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The key to successful operation of AS DBT is high professionalism of their staff supported by regular training to enhance knowledge and skills in handling of hazardous materials. For this purpose AS DBT published unique in the EU books about fertilizers and handling them at port terminals The author of the books is Mr. V. Skorobogatov – Dr.Sc., chemical engineer and expert in handling of chemicals at port terminals. The books are well known and most demanded among professionals of fertilizer in the whole world.


Ammonia and mineral fertilizers. Transshipment at Marine Port Terminal

The reference book contains classification of mineral fertilizers, physical and chemical properties thereof; liquid ammonia and ammonia based liquid and solid fertilizers quality requirements, their application and loading characteristics. Safety requirements for transportation, storage and handling of liquid and aqueous ammonia and urea-ammonia solutions (UAN) are presented by example of BCT terminal.

Mineral Fertilizers. Transshipment at Marine Port Terminal

The reference book includes classification of mineral fertilizers, physical, chemical and loading properties thereof as well as production technology principles and sampling; recommendations for occupational safety, permissible exposure levels, personal protective devices and firefighting when handling mineral fertilizers. 

The second revised and enlarged edition contains safety signs for transportation and storage of bulk fertilizers, personal protective devices, calculations of fertilizer environmental impact by example of BCT terminal.

EU Mineral Fertilizers

The reference book includes classification, properties and other data on biological mineral chemical elements and vitamins present in plants and human body. Major types and identification of EU fertilizers are presented. Essential elements in plant nutrition, micro-elements and quality indicators subject to declaration in EU fertilizers are described.