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Terminal BCT (address Kesk 2С, Sillamäe, contact phone 53 42 2420) has built an ammonia transshipment terminal in the Port of Sillamäe. Liquid ammonia is delivered from Novgorod district by rail and forwarded to customers by sea vessels.

Engineering and construction works are performed by Dutch specialists in compliance with all Estonian and EU safety requirements.

Terminal BCT submitted its emergency response plan, emergency response manual and Terminal safety report for handling chemicals in the Port of Sillamäe.

Despite all safety measures preventing ammonia release into the air we consider it necessary to make you aware of the activities in case of ammonia emergency.

Under usual conditions ammonia is a colorless pungent gas with a specific odour (salmiac).  .
Emergency notification of residents is performed by alarms and loudspeakers installed on cars.
Being outside leave the endangered area in the direction perpendicular to wind direction, avoid low places.
Being inside close windows and doors and shut down ventilation, listen to the radio and follow the broadcasted instructions.
Being poisoned – if you feel suffocated,  pain in eyes, coughing, drink more liquids (tea, milk), rinse eyes with water and seek medical attention.