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AS DBT goals of Major Accident Prevention Policy are prevention of major accidents and other emergencies at the chemical Terminal, which can cause damage to people or environment as well as property.

To achieve the set goal AS DBT adheres to the following principles:

• Prevention of major accidents and other emergencies is the company priority;

• Application of modern and safe process operations at the Terminal;

• Systematic approach to industrial safety assurance;

• Operative risk management;

• Personal liability of every employee for the compliance with the requirements of environmental, industrial and occupational safety accepted in the Company;

• Availability of time, human, finance and other resources for the prevention of major accidents and other emergencies;

• Better awareness of employees and external parties about the Company activities in industrial safety, emergency preparedness and prevention;

• Compliance with the legal industrial safety requirements;

• Management commitment in the issues of industrial safety;

• Permanent improvement of the Terminal Safety Management System.

Implementation of the Major Accident Prevention Policy is an integral part of AS DBT activities.