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AS DBT recognizes its responsibility for safe operations of the Terminal and health protection of its people considering occupational health and safety activities an integral part of its everyday work and a primary condition for achieving its strategic goals.

Within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety Management System AS DBT has assumed the following commitments:

- To apply all efforts for providing safe working environment for every employee as well as for prevention of injuries and health disorders of people;

- To apply modern and safe operation processes;

- To improve awareness of employees and external parties in safety issues to encourage their active participation in the implementation of the Company’s Policy;

- Observe legal requirements and other regulations in occupational health and safety;

- Permanent improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System;


To implement its Policy AS DBT ensures availability of necessary human and other resources.

Our vision – to be a transparent and credible company acting on the principles of sustainable development and strictly observing occupational health and safety requirements, caring about personnel competence and health as well as providing safe working environment for its employees, contractors and third parties visiting the Company’s Terminal.


Occupational Health and Safety Goals

1. Ensuring safe working environment at AS DBT and its permanent improvement.

2. Ensuring safe operations processes using modern equipment, safe labor facilities and reliable protection equipment for people at the Terminal.

3. Ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety requirements both by AS DBT people as well as contractors and other parties visiting the Terminal.

4. Prevention of accidents and other emergencies at AS DBT Terminal.

5. Prevention of incidents and near misses at AS DBT.