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Achievement of AS DBT general strategic goals is supported by the company quality policy and its respective goals setting the framework for the Company quality management activities.

АS DBT management is committed to follow and implement the following quality policy principles:

  • Focus on Client and his satisfaction, expressed in providing transit service in compliance with the Client’s demands and requirements to increase his satisfaction;
  • Sustainable and systematic management and permanent improvement of quality management system efficiency, expressed in availability of all necessary resources and result measurements to guarantee the compliance with all specified and approved requirements, valid legal acts and providing opportunities for permanent improvement and efficiency growth of the Company;
  • Improvement of employees’ awareness in quality issues and professional skills and raise of their satisfaction, expressed in employees’ professional development, organization of relevant training for all Company employees to get them informed in the area of the Company quality policy  and its goals, setting clear goals for every employee and employees’ motivation for showing initiative and efforts to do their job well avoiding earlier errors;
  • Application of relevant process solutions, expressed in a better transit service and quality ratio as well as in  improvement of competitiveness of the company and satisfaction of its Clients;

· Cooperation with reliable suppliers and contractors, expressed in the compliance with contract terms and generally recognized good business traditions as well as mutually beneficial partnership.